Cancer WHO???

My first breast cancer walk dates back to October 17th, 2010. As part of a Youth Explorer group at a Police Precinct, we had the opportunity to participate in the annual breast cancer walk at Prospect Park. As a first time participant, I helped to raise approximately $200 for the event. I harassed a couple of family members and neighbors to donate a few dollars.

I had decided to take part in the event to show my support for the survivors and supporting family members and friends. At the time, I did not share any personal connection to cancer but I felt a sense of contentment in knowing that my presence alone could provide encouragement for so many. Ever since my first walk, I decided to walk every year since. Then, as the years passed, I started to learn about people close to me who were either survivors of breast cancer or knew a close family member or friend who was affected by cancer in some form.

Upon finding out about all of the survivors I knew personally, I became more motivated to continue  to support and motivate those affected by cancer.

I even started taking my little sister with me at the age of 6 years old to expose her to some of the diseases that plague humanity. To my surprise, she quite enjoyed the walks and understood the reason why I walk, she walks, and they walk. According to her, “Cancer is terrible and needs to go away”, and I agree!



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