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5 Years Poetry Writing Hiatus: The Return

For the past few months, I have been feeling this need, this itch, this inclination to return from my 5 years poetry writing hiatus. It has been awhile. Life and adulting have pushed one of my passions to the back burner. Not that I ever lost touch with poetry writing, but simply could not find […]

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SometimesEternal peaceRequires time toElevate higher to aNew level of thinking andInterpreting the signs, good and badThoroughly so you can shift and startYielding new results, gaining new perspectives and change

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What is a Girl to do?

What is a girl to doWhen my body is torn in two? What do you mean?Can’t you see he likes you too?Girl, you’re stupid, this boy loves youNah, he’s just tryna bust a nut in youOh shit, I forgot, my lady parts want him too So again, I ask What is a girl to doWhen […]

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Our Fate

If all good things come to an end, time will reveal our ending!

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Tick Boom

Tick Boom Tick Tock Tick Tock Tick Tock Tick Boom If only he took the time to zoom In the near future, when he starts to groom For success, the world is his private show room Tick Tock Tick Tock Tick Boom His mother is left in gloom In broad daylight he met his doom […]

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Female Mentality

As women, we are each other’s worst enemy. We see faults in many. Compliments each other rarely. Blinded by the jealousy. It’s we uplift each other sincerely.

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Female Mentality

That girl is dope, but too flashy Who, her? She isn’t all that sweetie Not as dope as me, definitely I mean, Yeah, she can sing, but she’s too ugly Yeah, she can spit, but she looks sloppy Yeah, she can dance, but she dress trashy Yeah, she has long hair, but she’s too dark […]

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Take your aim

Take your aim Shame my name Make your claim to fame As you defame my name Keep in mind you came for me When I didn’t call for you name Slow your roll, remain tame Warning! This is only the pregame But remember Me and you, lame We aren’t the same Engulf the flame While […]

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Try Again

Never allow yourself to fall down and stay down. GET BACK UP! Try Again!

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I Ask Who (the process)

I Ask Who, as in who makes it a habit and a priority to show up to help a friend. Who do you extend a hand to in return? Who takes the time to see past the smile and mask of those they care about?

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That Queer Lawyer

Learned and Queer. My Life.

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home of the elusive trope

Sliver of Darkness

I'm the last words of a slain poet

Emotional Shadows

where all emotions are cared for!

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