5 Years Poetry Writing Hiatus: The Return

For the past few months, I have been feeling this need, this itch, this inclination to return from my 5 years poetry writing hiatus. It has been awhile. Life and adulting have pushed one of my passions to the back burner. Not that I ever lost touch with poetry writing, but simply could not find the time needed to dedicate to writing poetry, consistently.

Today, while sitting at my desk, eating lunch, the idea to test the waters and write a quick poem roamed in the back of my head. I debated it briefly, for merely 5 seconds, before picking up a pen and piece of paper to write. Then I stopped, felt like I wanted to panic a little, realizing that I need an inspiration. As I pondered for a minute, I went within and noticed that I was feeling very calm, despite thinking that I should be feeling somewhat stressed at the time. Then it hit me. I thought to myself, why not write about how you’re feeling right now, calm. It’s a great feeling. Right away, the word “serenity” came to mind. And I settled on writing about serenity. I listed the word in a vertical line and began dissecting the word. From 12:14 PM to 12:27 PM, I had a short poem written down and ready to share. Unlike many times in the past, I did not go over it, in an attempt to find faults and aim for near perfection. I went over it, checking for grammatical errors and right when I got to the end, I felt the urge to change the last line. I fought the urge, then almost caved it by actually rewriting it and finally deciding to rewrite the old words and leave it at that. I simply accepted that I liked the poem as is, and that it’s meant to be short and simple. Just like that, SERENITY was created. This could be the start of the end of the hiatus.

After completing the poem, at around 12:29 PM, I remembered that I had a YouTube video playing in the background. I usually put on some form of meditative music or upbeat instrumentals when needing to hyper focus on getting tasks done. Today I was listening to, “Restoration of the Nervous System: gentle music, calms the nervous system and pleases the soul” by Love Yourself.

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