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I’m a round peg in a square hole with a burning passion and a starving need for change. Not looking for fame, status, or accolades, I just long to quench my thirst, which might sound strange. I possess a complex view of this world which helps to fuel my unwavering determination to honor my imagination. With that being said, I’m on a mission to leave an unforgettable mark in this world for the next generation.

As a creative person with an active mind, and a vivid imagination, I find myself in constant need of release. My need to release does not stem from wanting to let out anger or frustration. No, not at all! My form of release centers around the need to create beauty and write the racing thoughts running through my mind.

As a poet, painter, writer, lover of words among many other things, I long to connect and share with the world ideas and concepts that elicit a response. The response I seek should encourage my readers to take some form of action towards change in their personal life or on a grand scale to solve world issues.

I believe every human being on this planet possess a unique gift and talent. I also believe, the world can benefit from the sharing of all talents that exist, as extraordinary or bizarre they may appear to others. Oftentimes, we fail to explore and share our talents due to the lack of confidence or fear of judgement. We only realize in our later years that we failed to fully live to our potential because we let fear get in our way. As a species of beings, we thrive on human connection, yet, we forget that when it comes to the gifts we bring into the world. Let’s not forget, that even if your gifts and talents appear insignificant at face value, someone, somewhere in the world will appreciate your unique talent. Never hold back from sharing you and your talents with the world!

And remember…if you can imagine it, it is real!

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