It Starts With YOU

One finger tucked in, three fingers pointing back at ME

I’m in the majority, therefore, that leaves one finger pointing at YOU

 Yes! It starts with YOU

Respect, Equality, Justice

What do they mean to YOU?

They’re the things that US as black people

African Americans and light skinned people seek

But what steps are WE putting in place to achieve these things?

Disrespecting each other, promoting violence, unprotected sex

Putting our skin color on a spectrum to create separation by the shades of our beauty


Because those are what sells and helps put US in the lime light

Only for that fifteen minutes of fame

Meanwhile, we watch our brothers and sisters murdered innocently, still no justice

We struggle day in and day out tirelessly, still no equality

We encounter racism around us on the daily, still no respect

From time to time, we take a few steps forward

Protesting and demanding respect, equality and justice

Only for that fifteen days of shame

We must ask ourselves, is that enough?

Knowledge is power and yes many of YOU can’t attend college

But college isn’t everything and you won’t learn it all in college

Knowledge won’t come knocking down the door for YOU

The free public library and a dictionary, there go your opportunity

Wait, damn, look at myself, pointing fingers at YOU

In the middle of this rant, something hit me and stopped me in my track

And boy did it struck me like a knife and I had to retract

I realized I should be practicing what I’m preaching and doing the same thing too

Ever had these similar thoughts running through your head

Feeling like everyone is to blame but YOU?

Then it’s time to take that hand and point it back towards YOU

Noticed how the only one now to blame for fueling the changes we seek is YOU

Not the other person in front of you or the other race for what they do or don’t do

So yes, whether you like it or not or choose to accept or deny it

It does start with YOU

— Woodlynn Sance—-


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