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Promise to be a friend

A poem about the promise of friendship, to oneself, and to others!

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Happy Father’s Day

Father’s Day poem dedicated to all of the loving and caring fathers of the world. Happy Father’s Day!

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Deadly Sins of 7 Messy Roommates

Short story and funny poem about the 7 deadly sins: lust, gluttony, greed, sloth, wrath, envy, and pride

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We Had Chemistry

You know, The butterflies in the stomach Heart beating fast in panic Tongue tied lost for words Eyes locked and souls immersed Kind of chemistry But see, I’m not a fighter, that’s my curse I’m more of a lover, that’s the worst Not any kind of lover…let me depict The kind that’s a hopeless romantic […]

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Lights Out

Little girl in the boxing ring Throwing punches at her dad Twenty six years later She grew into a tough girl Or… so she thinks The time has come She needs to prove herself She marches to the ring Full of confidence She greets her opponent

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I Watched

I watched I watched you take our friendship for granted I watched your false pretense of friendship I made excuses Excuses about your level of maturity Telling myself that it’s only your naivety Still, I watched I watched you take advantage I watched you play your games

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Chef’s Special

Sitting here, feeling kind of crazy Recalling all of the lies he fed her She chewed and swallowed it all As he seasoned each lie better each time The delicious taste of deceit on her taste buds Never tasted sweeter, than when he spoon fed her Sometimes, she would choke trying to swallow But of […]

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Love don’t live here anymore

In the midst of laughter And three drinks, thereafter She looked me dead in the eyes Before throwing her head back hysterically She took a sip and shook her head As if to say, “oh no silly girl” Before uttering the words “Love don’t live here anymore”

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Happy Mother’s Day

  As we celebrate Mother’s Day today, I would like to dedicate my acrostic poem to all of the mothers. To all of the Haitian mothers, my mother included, who get to celebrate Mother’s Day twice, Happy American Mother’s Day to you all…until May 28th!  

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If the walls could talk

If the walls could talk They would tell stories Of my dirty little secrets Subjecting me to judgement For my vices If the walls could talk They would shed light On my negative traits Bearing my weaknesses in the open Breaking me down in embarrassment If the walls could talk They would reveal My unstable […]

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That Queer Lawyer

Learned and Queer. My Life.

Specks and Fragments

home of the elusive trope

Sliver of Darkness

I'm the last words of a slain poet

Emotional Shadows

where all emotions are cared for!

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