8 minutes and 46 seconds

Eight minutes and fourty six seconds

That’s how long it took for a man to lose his life

“I’m going to lose my life”, George Floyd reckons

Yet, Officer Derek Chauvin treated him as if they had strife

Pinned on the ground with a knee pressed on his neck

He begged for his life, yelling “I can not breathe”

The knee pressed on longer, causing more wreck

Not once, did the officer gave him any relief

8 minutes and 46 seconds

That’s more than enough time to save a life

Instead, four police officers empowered by their weapons

Murdered another black man, as if it’s a rife

We’ve see this played out too many times to bear

I guess they forgot, actions come with consequences

Judgding by their actions, the officers didn’t seem to care

This is the beginning of many sequences

Different races from different states, united together for justice

Standing side by side, in letting their actions speak louder than words

Fighting for a change in a world full of hatred, bigotry and injustice

COVID pandemic couldn’t stop people from protesting in herds

Enough is enough

The people had to get tough

Now, get this, George Floyd didn’t die on any ordinary day

He was killed on May 25, 2020, that’s Memorial day

May his memory and legacy live on

His name shall bring changes from now on

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