My body’s form of communication Advising me to take precaution In a given situation So I don’t make a bad decision Without laying the proper foundation So I succumb to the invasion Giving my body full permission To make its interjection While I pay close attention To my body’s transformation As it’s sending me information […]

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Goodbye, Farewell… for now, or forever Such a powerful and mysterious experience is death A passage of life which is inevitable for us mortals Marking the end of life on earth as we know it Signifying the beginning of the afterlife as we hope it to be true Still, who knows for sure, if we’ll […]

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A Better World

As I lay down on my death bed They come to me, announcing victory of the revolution we led Finally, we’ve come together as one Accepting similarities and differences we have shun A war fought without weapons Who would have thought it possible, a victory by sole reasons? A world without race wars and prejudice […]

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Bestfriends! A bond so strong, we can’t let go Takes years to flourish, decades to parish Riding the waves as one when times are low In good times we continue to nourish Like a team, you watch my back, I watch yours If you fall down, I pick you right back up When I’m down, […]

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Life Lessons

Pride, dignity, head held high So high up, there’s no looking down Strong sense of self worth and importance It’s worth it, every once in awhile to take a bite of humble pie Stubborn as a bull, it’s not a weakness to admit defeat Life is a constant game of trial and error Every life […]

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Blind Trust

The ground beneath my feet, I trust With my balance and gravity support Though I’ve tripped and fell before The eyes through which I see, I trust To open and close, bringing me to sleep and back Though the outcome is out of my control The oxygen I breathe, I trust To flow in and […]

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Do you see color or beauty first?

This painting is meant to move you and make you dig deep and think. It’s open to your own interpretation.

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Flower Child

Precious bud, looking for an identity Full of mystery, oh precious bud Under the ground, you expand But the world is waiting on you Stuck between two worlds Looking to pave your own way Plant your root firmly as you grow Peek out your stem slowly to glow The world is not as scary as […]

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Double Standards

All eyes on me The pressure is on Pat on the back Respect is earned Juggle them around the clock Like a revolving door, they’re in and out Women I mean, in case you’re wondering Ladies-man, player, bachelor, what a life The grandeur of being a man All eyes on me They’re watching closely Knife […]

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In My Eyes

You see FAULTS, but I see PERFECTION You beat yourself up in DEFEAT, but I see PRIDE You feel LOST, but I see TRIUMPH You feel DEAD, but I see LIFE In my eyes   You are BROKEN inside, but I see STRENGTH You are LONELY, but I see LOVE You cry tears of SADNESS, […]

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