Promise to be a friend

A poem about the promise of friendship, to oneself, and to others!

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I Watched

I watched I watched you take our friendship for granted I watched your false pretense of friendship I made excuses Excuses about your level of maturity Telling myself that it’s only your naivety Still, I watched I watched you take advantage I watched you play your games

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Tracks to your Heart

Lucky, I feel Watching the layers peel back Uncovering the beautiful mystery Hidden deep inside From my eyes, the tears slowly escape Blurring my vision for a purpose Inviting me to feel the energy Connecting me to the soul Giving me the courage and trust To travel on the tracks to your heart Until I […]

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Hello, Goodbye

Hello, How are you? It’s been so long since we last talked Just checking on you How’s life treating you? Are you doing well? Hopefully, life has been kinder to you than it has been to me Well you know, from time to time, you have crossed my mind Can’t say I don’t miss you […]

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I Wish

I wish that I could shelter you from darkness Keep you safe and far away from harm’s way I wish that I could give you endless laughter Keep you happy, never sad or upset Protect you so, If they tried to hurt you You wouldn’t find out I wish that I could make all your […]

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Bestfriends! A bond so strong, we can’t let go Takes years to flourish, decades to parish Riding the waves as one when times are low In good times we continue to nourish Like a team, you watch my back, I watch yours If you fall down, I pick you right back up When I’m down, […]

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That Queer Lawyer

Learned and Queer. My Life.

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Sliver of Darkness

I'm the last words of a slain poet

Emotional Shadows

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