Forest green infused with black

Decisions, decisions…

That day, I had a hard time choosing which color shirt to wear with the skirt. I went back and forth between an all white blouse and an all black button down shirt, which none seemed to fit my mood that day. Yes, I do match my outfit according to my mood at times.

In the end, I found a black and white blouse which combined both hues perfectly. I added black Mary Jane heels to the mix with a lighter green handbag. I topped off the look with off-white jewelry and white sunglasses.

Just like that, I created got the best of both world in one outfit!

Kanye Attitude with Drake Feelings

A mixed of emotions between not giving a (shut your mouth) and caring too much. Can you tell by looking past my shades, or must you read my eyes to see clearly?

Only my heart knows the truth…oh well.

Moving on to the description:

Black and white t-shirt, grey capris sweatpants, black and white vans.

“When the flower blossoms, the bee will come.” – Srikumar Rao

This NY & Co. bubble bee shirt paired with an orange ASOS skirt, made me quite the attraction today. I completed the look with orange accessories and black loafers. Perfect for today’s hot weather of 86 degrees.

We Had Chemistry

You know,
The butterflies in the stomach
Heart beating fast in panic
Tongue tied lost for words
Eyes locked and souls immersed
Kind of chemistry

But see,
I’m not a fighter, that’s my curse
I’m more of a lover, that’s the worst
Not any kind of lover…let me depict
The kind that’s a hopeless romantic
Damn that chemistry

And yet,
Hope came crashing down
Shattered into million pieces
In the silence we drown
As memories turn to ashes
We had chemistry

Lights Out

Little girl in the boxing ring
Throwing punches at her dad
Twenty six years later
She grew into a tough girl

Or… so she thinks
The time has come
She needs to prove herself

She marches to the ring
Full of confidence
She greets her opponent

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I Watched

I watched
I watched you take our friendship for granted
I watched your false pretense of friendship

I made excuses
Excuses about your level of maturity
Telling myself that it’s only your naivety

Still, I watched
I watched you take advantage
I watched you play your games

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Chef’s Special

Sitting here, feeling kind of crazy
Recalling all of the lies he fed her
She chewed and swallowed it all
As he seasoned each lie better each time

The delicious taste of deceit on her taste buds
Never tasted sweeter, than when he spoon fed her
Sometimes, she would choke trying to swallow
But of course, he always had water ready

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Love don’t live here anymore

In the midst of laughter
And three drinks, thereafter
She looked me dead in the eyes
Before throwing her head back hysterically

She took a sip and shook her head
As if to say, “oh no silly girl”
Before uttering the words
“Love don’t live here anymore”

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Mother Figures

Yesterday, while I stood by the kitchen door at work, where I volunteer to serve lunch to the seniors, the Assistant Cook approached me in a hurry with a few words of wisdom. She looked me directly in the eye with a serious face and said, “when you choose someone make sure, he treats you well, is good to you, has a good job, and has his papers”. It took me by surprise the way she approached me, and I froze for a quick second before replying “aww thank you, I appreciate that and sure will make sure to do that”. Then she repeated to me, “make sure he has his papers” and really stressed it this time. I stood in front of her confused and she repeated, “his papers girl, his papers”. Still confused, I asked “immigration papers”?, but immediately afterwards, I caught on and said, “oooh HIV”. She looked at me like, (girl you better had gotten this right), and said “YES! please make sure to check on that, please”. I firmly assured her I will certainly do my homework about that and I meant that.

But, what stuck with me the most about our interaction is her next statement. The next thing she said to me after is, “you have to do that and choose a good person because you deserve it and you are worth it”. I felt a strong surge of emotions flow through me at that moment. I felt very appreciated to have someone show such great concern and act of kindness towards me. At that moment, I had another mother figure giving me advice and reaching out to me with support and love.

This act of kindness does not cost a thing, but the impact and joy it brought to me is worth millions.

This is what we need in this world.

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