I Ask Who

Her smile lights up the room
His voice commands attention
As the sun caress her glowing skin
In bright daylight she’s superwoman
Feeling validated as the likes come in bulk
On social media he’s the hulk

The moon shines bright
A click of a button, logs off the world
Behind closed doors she’s a wreck
In solitude he’s a drunk
Popping pills, when depression hits
Doubt creeping in, as anxiety kicks in

In that moment,
Who comes to their rescue?
Who checks up on them?
Who helps to calm their mind?
Who helps to dry their tears?
Who ensures they will be fine?

When she’s high, she dances for glory
The party doesn’t stop
A comedian for the night, he cracks jokes
The room vibes in laughter
Aching bones, broken soul
Deep inside her cries for help, goes unnoticed
In his car, parked behind the dumpster
Away from the crowd, he cries in silence

But who stays for the after, after party
The cleanup and rearranging of furniture
The sweeping and mopping of spills
The homemade remedy for that hangover

I ask, who?

Looking into the future

Daydreaming…wait…no…looking into the future and actually envisioning my dreams and wishes coming true. Of course, no dream can come to life without determination, and action.

Go out there and conquer your dreams.

Promise to be a friend

Just close your eyes
And let your mind run free
No need to hide
Your secret’s safe with me

Haunted by your fears
Here they don’t belong
Let go of your worries
Darling, you are strong

Just take my hand
Together, we’ll run wild
Promise to be a friend
And make it worth your while

Get Lost In Your Dreams

Dream Big, but…, Always Keep Your Feet Grounded

As you embark on the journey towards chasing your dream, remember to keep a firm hold of where you want to go and what you plan to achieve. Have some firm ideas of how you will reach your goal, but do keep an open mind and remain receptive to the many curve balls that life will throw your way.

Here’s to the dream chasers and reality makers!

Keep on keepin’ on!

Baby fever

I have been having baby fever for the past several months. I so desperately wanted to hold a baby or ten. I spent hours liking photos and videos of babies on Instagram. Of course, I didn’t want to push out a baby or anything of the sort, but I was slowly becoming obsessed with the IG babies. I needed a way to release all of the energy I kept bottled inside from my baby fever. Thus, I decided to release the best way I know how, by getting lost in my hobby, craft, and form of therapy and draw a baby.

I must say, for now, I have satisfied my baby fever obsession.

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