It Starts With YOU

One finger tucked in, three fingers pointing back at ME

I’m in the majority, therefore, that leaves one finger pointing at YOU

 Yes! It starts with YOU

Respect, Equality, Justice

What do they mean to YOU?

They’re the things that US as black people

African Americans and light skinned people seek

But what steps are WE putting in place to achieve these things?

Disrespecting each other, promoting violence, unprotected sex

Putting our skin color on a spectrum to create separation by the shades of our beauty


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I’m not trying to buy you back

Not asking for you to take me back

I know you’ve gotta be strong for you

But if you’re wondering, I still love you

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“Let It Roll”

Surrounded by darkness, these voices call out for me to play
They sing my name and they make me go insane
Like an echo in the distant they slowly start to fade away
They call to me to spread my wings like a crane
In my dreams I run in circles like I’m in a maze
Won’t somebody save me, they have their reign on me
In my nightmares, thoughts on repeat like it’s a new dance craze
Please somebody save me, they keep consuming me
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Horizontal Easel Painting

Close your eyes and picture yourself as my canvas

Anticipating the various outcome of this painting

Imagine my fingers running up and down your body

Creating my masterwork

Feel my lips brushing against your skin

Blending the colors together

Open your eyes and see my eyes focused on you

As I continue to fill in all the white space

Enjoy my tongue running up and down your most sensitive spots

Capturing the textures as I go along

Focus on remaining still as my teeth bites and nibbles where necessary

Stopping here and there to perfect every little indentation

Watch me study your body with intricate and gleaming eyes

Taking in every detail of my work of art

Relax your body and release all your tensions

Allowing this beautiful painting to dry before I start on my next masterpiece

Woodlynn Sance


Hi there! Welcome, Bienvenue, Bienvenido to my blog. I’m excited to have you on this creative journey with me . Feel free to provide positive feedback and your share your creativity. I hope you take away something from this blog and get inspired to follow your dream and aspirations. We all have a little bit of creativity in us. And since you’ve gotten this far, it’s fair to say that you’re at least a little curious to explore some creativity. Well, then, you might as well continue on to the next post and discover what this site is all about.

Woodlynn Sance


Journey Around the World

It’s 9 O’clock and our flight time is fast approaching
Our senses fully stimulated and wide awake ready for our travel around the world
Your eyes darkens as they communicate your excitement
Our heart beat speeds up in anticipation of what’s to come
Afraid to miss a beat, your eyes remain fixated on the map

Taking in all the possible places to explore
You finally lay down the map as you continue to study its most intricate details
Your hands take a life of their own as they travel in a compass like motion
Making notes of all the hidden treasures to seek out on our journey

Our faces lights up fully aware we are close to take off
The plane vibrates and increases in speed as we approach the end of the runway
There’s no turning back now, we’re high up in the sky

We’ve landed to our first destination and your sense of adventure kicks in
You set out for the mountains climbing up and around at your slowest pace
You take in the view, making sure to stop and pay attention to the highest peaks

Climbing down, your tongue drives to our next destination to the epicenter
There you’ve reached the trigger to the warmest volcano of all times
With enough stimulation, the lava boils faster to the verge of a volcanic eruption

You continue to travel towards our last stop deep down in the south
They say down south is known for its irresistible Southern Hospitality
As proclaimed, the most succulent edibles awaits your taste buds
Your tongue takes the place of a personal chef as you sample around your meal
Sweet sounds of delight escapes your mouth as you take a bite of the main course

Nearby, the smell of the ocean intoxicates your mind
Unable to contain your joy, you go swimming before fully digesting your food
Eager and willing to explore it all, you dive head first
To your surprise, an unexpected burst of waves strikes you in the face

As you come up for air, your face displays a deep state of ecstasy
Wet fingers and teeth marks forms crosses on the soaked map
Indicating all locations you’ve traveled

Fully satisfied with our first journey, we prepare ourselves for our next stop
We board the plane as we engage in a deep satisfying kiss
Between the turbulence of the plane and the pulsating beats of our hearts
We brace ourselves before we come crashing down
Landing safely at our next destination up north

My mouth waters in anticipation of the pleasures my exploration will bring

Woodlynn Sance


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