On the Mindless Menace of Violence: A Comic

This is my second quote adaptation from the great Robert F. Kennedy. It’s an extract taken from one of his most important speeches, titled ‘On the mindless menace of violence’, which Kennedy gave o…

Source: On the Mindless Menace of Violence: A Comic

It all started at Michael’s (first paintings)

It all started at Michael’s. On a sunny spring day, my bestfriend Joleen and I met up to hang out with each other. We had lunch, shared many laughs and exchanged advice on things we swear we’re experts about lol. Anyways, we strolled down 30 blocks in Manhattan until we reached our destination at Michael’s. Boy were we in heaven. Being the creative souls that we are, Michael’s was made with us in mind. About $45 later, I exited the store with a couple of items of which included my first 3 bottles of acrylic paint in brown, beige and black. And this is the story of how I finally started painting after years of putting it aside for lack of time.

Fruit Basket

My head was in a maze the first week I received my paints from Amazon. For some reason, all of my paintings were focused on the sky, the ocean and the trees and grass in between. They came out great but that’s all I kept painting. That was until my mom requested that I paint a fruit basket. And this right here is the result. She liked it so much that she hung it up on the dining room wall. Then she requested two more fruit basket paintings which I’m still working on.
Fruit Basket Painting

Shooting Star

Fresh out of bed, she bows down her head
A quick glance in the mirror, make her insecure
Though she possess qualities such as charm and wit
In this world, her qualities never seem to be a good fit
Outside of her window, bullets are firing from souls with hearts as cold as ice
It’s a war out there, they don’t play fair and they don’t play nice
Always ready to attack, at her, they always point their knife
Not ready for battle, she remains inside with a book about the story of her life
Pages after pages, she reads what they say about her
Chapter after chapter, her story grow somber
Vivid descriptions of artificial ideals of beauty fill up her brain
Visions of superficial images of beauty immerse her in pain
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Our Love

The fear is strong enough to keep us asunder

The desire is strong enough to bring us closer

Our love may be tragic


The tension is thick and palpable

The passion is strong and tangible

Our love may be aesthetic


Our hearts are on the gas pedal, screaming go

Our minds are on the brake pedal, pleading no

Our love may be idiotic

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