5 Years Poetry Writing Hiatus: The Return

For the past few months, I have been feeling this need, this itch, this inclination to return from my 5 years poetry writing hiatus. It has been awhile. Life and adulting have pushed one of my passions to the back burner. Not that I ever lost touch with poetry writing, but simply could not find the time needed to dedicate to writing poetry, consistently.

Today, while sitting at my desk, eating lunch, the idea to test the waters and write a quick poem roamed in the back of my head. I debated it briefly, for merely 5 seconds, before picking up a pen and piece of paper to write. Then I stopped, felt like I wanted to panic a little, realizing that I need an inspiration. As I pondered for a minute, I went within and noticed that I was feeling very calm, despite thinking that I should be feeling somewhat stressed at the time. Then it hit me. I thought to myself, why not write about how you’re feeling right now, calm. It’s a great feeling. Right away, the word “serenity” came to mind. And I settled on writing about serenity. I listed the word in a vertical line and began dissecting the word. From 12:14 PM to 12:27 PM, I had a short poem written down and ready to share. Unlike many times in the past, I did not go over it, in an attempt to find faults and aim for near perfection. I went over it, checking for grammatical errors and right when I got to the end, I felt the urge to change the last line. I fought the urge, then almost caved it by actually rewriting it and finally deciding to rewrite the old words and leave it at that. I simply accepted that I liked the poem as is, and that it’s meant to be short and simple. Just like that, SERENITY was created. This could be the start of the end of the hiatus.

After completing the poem, at around 12:29 PM, I remembered that I had a YouTube video playing in the background. I usually put on some form of meditative music or upbeat instrumentals when needing to hyper focus on getting tasks done. Today I was listening to, “Restoration of the Nervous System: gentle music, calms the nervous system and pleases the soul” by Love Yourself.


Eternal peace
Requires time to
Elevate higher to a
New level of thinking and
Interpreting the signs, good and bad
Thoroughly so you can shift and start
Yielding new results, gaining new perspectives and change

What is a Girl to do?

What is a girl to do
When my body is torn in two?

What do you mean?
Can’t you see he likes you too?
Girl, you’re stupid, this boy loves you
Nah, he’s just tryna bust a nut in you
Oh shit, I forgot, my lady parts want him too

So again, I ask

What is a girl to do
When my body is broken in three?

My mind is telling me what’s clear to see
Are you sure?
My heart seems to agree
Yes I’m sure
But my sex is warning me not to be carefree
Don’t be so sure

Smooth words drips off his tongue, like sweet juices from my peach bud
Don’t trust him
Like matchsticks his fingers light me on fire, I’m burning in the abyss of a charming stud
Enjoy him

God, he’s in my head
Father, he’s on my heart
Jesus, he wants my flesh

Holy trinity save my soul
This game of love got me chained by my sole

One last time, I ask
What is a girl to do
When I’m torn in two?

Our Fate

If all good things come to an end
What does that say about you and me?
We never had a beginning
Maybe all bad things never end

All we have are backward memories
Of what could become of us
And forthcoming visions
About what we see of we, and thus

I guess the beauty lies
In the mystery of it all
Every cloud has a silver lining
Time will reveal our ending

Third Day as an Art Instructor: Pro Status

March 3, 2018

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Third day as an Art Instructor aka Pro Status: I did it! I reached pro status and glided around the room like an expert as I aided and guided the students with tips and instructions.

Age group: 8 – 13

Inspiration: Women

Materials: Tempura paint, easel, pre-traced canvas, paint brushes, water cups, towel paper

Takeaway: Let your imagination run wild and let loose, just like women does with their hair!

Happy Women’s Month!


Second Day as an Art Instructor

February 3, 2018


Second day as an Art Instructor: I was more relaxed and less nervous. We painted with the theme of hearts, for Valentine’s Day.

Age group: 8 – 10

Inspiration: Valentine’s Day

Materials: Tempura paint, easel, canvas, paint brushes, water cups, towel paper

Takeaway: Love is in the air. Let your creativity run wild and paint from the heart!

First Day as an Art Instructor

January 20, 2018

First day as an Art Instructor teaching a group of elementary and middle school aged kids. Together we painted elephants.

Age group: 8 – 13

Inspiration: Elephant

Materials: Tempura paint, easel, canvas, paint brushes, water cups, towel paper

Takeaway: We are smarter, stronger, more creative than we think! Believe in your abilities and the rest will align.

Introverted Insight

Check out the book Quiet by Susan Cain for an insightful reading about introverts.

If you’re an introvert, know that you are amazing, there’s plenty people like you, and you have an abundance of inborn talents at your disposal. There’s great benefits to being an introvert.

Take the time to know, love, and appreciate yourself.

Tick Boom

Tick Boom

Tick Tock Tick Tock Tick Tock Tick Boom
If only he took the time to zoom
In the near future, when he starts to groom
For success, the world is his private show room

Tick Tock Tick Tock Tick Boom
His mother is left in gloom
In broad daylight he met his doom
Bad timing, while driving in his vroom

Tick Tock Tick Boom
In his blue costume
Trigger happy with fume
He cut him from the heirloom

Tick Tock Boom
Note from his room
Never to abloom
His dream for the classroom

Tick Boom

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