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Shooting Star

Fresh out of bed, she bows down her head A quick glance in the mirror, make her insecure Though she possess qualities such as charm and wit In this world, her qualities never seem to be a good fit   Outside of her window, bullets are firing from souls with hearts as cold as ice […]

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Our Love

The fear is strong enough to keep us asunder The desire is strong enough to bring us closer Our love may be tragic   The tension is thick and palpable The passion is strong and tangible Our love may be aesthetic   Our hearts are on the gas pedal, screaming go Our minds are on […]

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“I Choose You”

Strip me down, tough exterior Beneath it all, I’m a fragile soul Wash my makeup, inferior Beneath the mask, I’m a simple soul   Look me in the eye Tell me it’ll be okay If I open up my heart Promise me you won’t run away   I can be as tough as a nail, […]

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Knocked Off The Ground

Like a bird in the sky, I’m soaring high How did I get here? Floating around like I’m on cloud nine Like a blur, it’s so unclear   So high up I don’t want to come down What is this feeling? Knees gone weak, I might just fall down Catch me I’m falling   As […]

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It Starts With YOU

One finger tucked in, three fingers pointing back at ME I’m in the majority, therefore, that leaves one finger pointing at YOU  Yes! It starts with YOU Respect, Equality, Justice What do they mean to YOU? They’re the things that US as black people African Americans and light skinned people seek But what steps are […]

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I’m not trying to buy you back Not asking for you to take me back I know you’ve gotta be strong for you But if you’re wondering, I still love you

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Horizontal Easel Painting

Close your eyes and picture yourself as my canvas Anticipating the various outcome of this painting Imagine my fingers running up and down your body Creating my masterwork Feel my lips brushing against your skin Blending the colors together Open your eyes and see my eyes focused on you As I continue to fill in […]

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Hi there! Welcome, Bienvenue, Bienvenido to my blog. I’m excited to have you on this creative journey with me . Feel free to provide positive feedback and your share your creativity. I hope you take away something from this blog and get inspired to follow your dream and aspirations. We all have a little bit […]

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Journey Around the World

It’s 9 O’clock and our flight time is fast approaching Our senses fully stimulated and wide awake ready for our travel around the world Your eyes darkens as they communicate your excitement Our heart beat speeds up in anticipation of what’s to come Afraid to miss a beat, your eyes remain fixated on the map […]

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The Sketchbook


That Queer Lawyer

Learned and Queer. My Life.

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Sliver of Darkness

I'm the last words of a slain poet

Emotional Shadows

where all emotions are cared for!

Wolff Poetry Literary Magazine

A Poet's Place | Wolff Poetry Literary Magazine is Publishing Poetry Submitted by Published & Emerging Writers,


The ultimate guide for independent travellers seeking inspiration, advice and adventures beyond their wildest dreams

Minnesota Prairie Roots

Writing and photography by Audrey Kletscher Helbling