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But I Remember…(Domestic Abuse)

But I remember… “Quit your job!” You demanded, one breadwinner is all we need Shocking, how from then on, your control over me grew in increasing speed But I remember… All it took was that one day when…, wait a minute, I can’t recall the beginning I mean, one day, we started to argue, all […]

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Hello, Goodbye

Hello, How are you? It’s been so long since we last talked Just checking on you How’s life treating you? Are you doing well? Hopefully, life has been kinder to you than it has been to me Well you know, from time to time, you have crossed my mind Can’t say I don’t miss you […]

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In the far distance, I saw the light As my heart beat sped up, I closed my eyes Thoughts spiraled out of control as I saw the tunnel I’m going into cardiac arrest, call 911 Sorry, it was a false alarm, carry on It’s happening again, but stronger this time Breathlessness, hyperventilation, I can’t breath […]

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I Will Survive

I’m chocking on your words I tell myself I’m bigger than your voice I’m drifting away from your echoes I tell myself I’m stronger than your sounds I survived   Give me one reason to stay here Make me change my mind You don’t make it easy to be here Until then, I can’t change […]

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I Wish

I wish that I could shelter you from darkness Keep you safe and far away from harm’s way I wish that I could give you endless laughter Keep you happy, never sad or upset Protect you so, If they tried to hurt you You wouldn’t find out I wish that I could make all your […]

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Eyes on Me

It’s funny how everybody is watching you Captivated by your good looks But, your eyes are on me Like the hot summer sun shining at midday I feel your eyes burn through my soul Baby, keep looking my way Don’t look back, keep your eyes on me Flustered by the emotions From your piercing gaze […]

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If you gaze up upon the stars You’ll see The beauty shining down on you Inexplicable, oh it’s magical Such wonderful view, oh it’s beautiful And if you take a look around Breathe in The air and sights surrounding us Irreplaceable, such is life on earth Oh it’s marvelous, oh it’s beautiful And if you […]

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Dreams come true

I’d travel a million miles and back Until I get to you   I’d climb up mountains high and low So I can fall in your arms   I’d sing lullabies all day and night To see that twinkle in your eyes   I’d make silly jokes when you are sad To put a smile […]

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Oh, my heart

When in need, I call you, I hear … silence Oh, my heart, is doubting Yet I keep hoping that somehow you hear me Oh, my heart, keeps trusting Have I done you wrong? Perhaps, you’re ignoring me, my God Oh, my heart, is aching There you go again, putting obstacles in my way Oh, […]

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My body’s form of communication Advising me to take precaution In a given situation So I don’t make a bad decision Without laying the proper foundation So I succumb to the invasion Giving my body full permission To make its interjection While I pay close attention To my body’s transformation As it’s sending me information […]

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