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Hello, Goodbye

Hello, How are you? It’s been so long since we last talked Just checking on you How’s life treating you? Are you doing well? Hopefully, life has been kinder to you than it has been to me Well you know, from time to time, you have crossed my mind Can’t say I don’t miss you […]

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I Wish

I wish that I could shelter you from darkness Keep you safe and far away from harm’s way I wish that I could give you endless laughter Keep you happy, never sad or upset Protect you so, If they tried to hurt you You wouldn’t find out I wish that I could make all your […]

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If you gaze up upon the stars You’ll see The beauty shining down on you Inexplicable, oh it’s magical Such wonderful view, oh it’s beautiful And if you take a look around Breathe in The air and sights surrounding us Irreplaceable, such is life on earth Oh it’s marvelous, oh it’s beautiful And if you […]

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Dreams come true

I’d travel a million miles and back Until I get to you   I’d climb up mountains high and low So I can fall in your arms   I’d sing lullabies all day and night To see that twinkle in your eyes   I’d make silly jokes when you are sad To put a smile […]

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A Better World

As I lay down on my death bed They come to me, announcing victory of the revolution we led Finally, we’ve come together as one Accepting similarities and differences we have shun A war fought without weapons Who would have thought it possible, a victory by sole reasons? A world without race wars and prejudice […]

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Heart Up In Flames

Temperature is rising up, it’s 120 degrees, no AC Crack up a window, I’m burning up, solitary confinement This is no ordinary fever I feel it in my chest, it’s my heart Lub-dub-dub, Lub-dub-dub, irregular beats, call the guards Got my heart locked up, for acting up, cardiac arrest It’s too crowded in here, I […]

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Valentine’s Day

A box of chocolates A bouquet of roses A candlelit dinner A bottle of fine wine Are all the ways I could show you how much I love you A romantic gesture Perhaps, A barefooted walk on a sandy beach A secluded section reserved to the lovers for the weekend A breeze of fresh scented […]

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Mama, Papa – A short story

Mama, why is my hair so wild and hard to tame? Baby, when you get older, you’ll learn to appreciate the beauty and history of your hair and its diversity. But mama, you’re older, how come you make your hair straight for work? Because, mama has to earn a paycheck baby, so that you will […]

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Our Love

The fear is strong enough to keep us asunder The desire is strong enough to bring us closer Our love may be tragic   The tension is thick and palpable The passion is strong and tangible Our love may be aesthetic   Our hearts are on the gas pedal, screaming go Our minds are on […]

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Knocked Off The Ground

Like a bird in the sky, I’m soaring high How did I get here? Floating around like I’m on cloud nine Like a blur, it’s so unclear   So high up I don’t want to come down What is this feeling? Knees gone weak, I might just fall down Catch me I’m falling   As […]

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That Queer Lawyer

Learned and Queer. My Life.

Specks and Fragments

home of the elusive trope

Sliver of Darkness

I'm the last words of a slain poet

Emotional Shadows

where all emotions are cared for!

Wolff Poetry Literary Magazine

A Poet's Place | Wolff Poetry Literary Magazine is Publishing Poetry Submitted by Published & Emerging Writers,


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Minnesota Prairie Roots

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