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Sunset Beach

After my first professional painting (click here to see picture) I decided to try my hands at a more complicated painting. Okay, I’m lying. I started this painting about 3 weeks before my professional painting class. I left it sitting because I couldn’t figure out just yet how to add the most intricate details. I […]

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Do you see color or beauty first?

This painting is meant to move you and make you dig deep and think. It’s open to your own interpretation.

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First Professional Painting

It’s Saturday, the weather’s beautiful and the lounge is offering a discount. What perfect day to go painting. So, my friend and I did just that. We headed to the Williamsburg Painting Lounge and tried our hands at professional painting. This is our masterpiece. Teamwork makes the dream work 🙂

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What is life?

From time to time, my mind takes me places where I ponder about some of life’s greatest questions. Somehow, I stumbled on what I might consider life’s greatest question about life itself, what is life? The first answer that flashed in my mind was “Life is what you make it, so make it great”. I […]

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It all started at Michael’s Part 2 (first paintings)

A couple more of my first paintings. They do not fall into any particular themes. They’re simply free flowing ideas that caught my attention enough for me to paint. I think the “head in the clouds” painting perfectly depicts my thought process (and my thinking face lol) at the time.

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Fruit Basket Continued

After a month or so, I finally finished my mother’s last 2 requested fruit baskets.She was very patient and waited without any complaints. She absolutely love her paintings. Since I decided to add a background to basket 2 and 3, she requested a background for basket 1. Therefore, fruit basket 1 got upgraded with a […]

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It all started at Michael’s (first paintings)

It all started at Michael’s. On a sunny spring day, my bestfriend Joleen and I met up to hang out with each other. We had lunch, shared many laughs and exchanged advice on things we swear we’re experts about lol. Anyways, we strolled down 30 blocks in Manhattan until we reached our destination at Michael’s. […]

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Flower 1

This painting is framed and hung up in my parents’ living room.    

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Fruit Basket

My head was in a maze the first week I received my paints from Amazon. For some reason, all of my paintings were focused on the sky, the ocean and the trees and grass in between. They came out great but that’s all I kept painting. That was until my mom requested that I paint […]

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That Queer Lawyer

Learned and Queer. My Life.

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Sliver of Darkness

I'm the last words of a slain poet

Emotional Shadows

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