First time performing at open mic

Feeling nervous and timid, I stepped up to the mic to perform for the first time.

How did I do it?

I mentally prepared myself for weeks and chickened out the day before.

That’s right! I had my mind set on performing my first open mic on Wednesday, August 9th at a venue  on Franklin Ave. I arrived an hour and a half early and waited outside, walked around a few blocks, and went back to the location to wait some more for the place to open. When the place finally opened, I sat quietly by the door, trying to talk myself into signing up to perform. Two hours later I left the venue with some awesome memories of great performers doing their thing without performing.

On my way home,  instead of feeling down or disappointed, I felt a sense of uplifting power and decided I would get myself settled and put on a brave face to perform the next day. It’s as if the performers planted a seed of encouragement in me that was pushing me to be brave.

Just like that, I opened up my instagram page and found another open mic taking place on Thursday, August 10th at Word Up Cafe. I added the information to my calendar and told myself, I will perform.

Indeed, I made my way to the cafe after work arriving 15 minutes early. Once I sat down, I started mentally preparing myself while feeling nervous. As the sign in sheet went around, I jotted my name down and there was no turning back from there.

Then the time came for me to perform and deliver.

I felt very nervous when I walked to the mic and started off by saying. “Hi Everyone, I’m Woodlynn. Bare with me, I’m a little nervous, this is my first time doing poetry live”. Someone in the audience asked, “At Word Up Cafe?”. I replied, “No, first time ever”. Everyone in the crowd clapped and gave me words of encouragement letting me know it will be fine and I’ll do great.

I smile and went on to perform two pieces, Black Woman, and Black Man.

The crowd was very warm and encouraging which I loved.

I can proudly say, I did it and I feel great!

I want you reading this to put on your brave face, go out there, and conquer your fears. Do not let your dreams and passion fall by the wayside because of fear. DON’T DO IT!


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