Deadly Sins of 7 Messy Roommates

Listen to this!

Tell me why,
Last night as I walked in the house with lust
We hear loud commotion, and cursing from outside
Then envy comes to the door all furious like hell

Now, we were a little tipsy from drinking and dancing
So we ignored the fool and walked to the couch
We were in our own little world, holding hands and giggling
Then I spotted envy giving me the side eye from a corner

Now, envy knows I have a crush on lust
But that doesn’t stop her and greed from trying to hit on lust
The messed up part…greed is my ex
Ugh…these two make me sick

Pride on the other hand, with his cocky self
Swears he can get with anyone until he realizes he can’t
So after his bold attempt at making a failed pass at me and lust
He goes to sit in a corner upset with a bruised ego, whatever

Then we got sloth lying down on a portable mattress
Taking pictures and videos on Snapchat
Laughing like crazy at the situation like it’s funny
I swear that bum just munches off all of us

Gluttony is not any better than the rest
She just sat next to sloth of course
Stuffing her face with ice cream and booze
And instigating to make things worse

I have to deal with a bunch of evil idiots
I swear those son of a guns don’t know who they’re messing with
If they keep this up, they will feel my wrath very soon
I will put the paws on them

Would I be wrong for popping off on them or nah?
Just asking for a friend




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