Close to mid-year reflection

The other day, I started to reflect back to last year, around this time. Immediately I started to recall all the changes in my life and noticed the progress I have made so far this year. I can say, I have made myself proud!

As I congratulated myself, I started to realize that I had accomplished more than I thought in the past 5 years, but most notably in 2016. In September of last year, I took a big step in my life by leaving my position as a Licensed Sales Producer at Allstate Insurance Company to start on the road leading to my career goal. As someone who holds a strong interest in making positive changes in the world, but especially in the  lives of youths, I find it hard sometimes to know which paths to follow towards that goal. So, last year I spent months researching jobs related to my BA degree in Criminal Justice which involves working with youths and volunteering. After months of searching for an opportunity, I finally landed on the NYC Service website. After days of browsing the site, I came across an AmeriCorps position which grabbed my attention upon first sight. For at least a week, I deliberated on whether or not to sign up, before finally taking the leap to send an application for NYC Civic Corps. The day I made that decision became the day I started a brand new, glorious, fun filled, eye opening and gutsy chapter in my life.

I started out the year 2017 without setting any new year resolution. Instead I wanted to keep focusing on my weight loss journey and continue to nourish all of the good things I had working for me. So, when someone had asked me about my new year resolution back in January, I could only answer that I wanted to start graduate school (which I didn’t really consider a resolution) and learn how to swim(which I imagined would occur sometime in the next two years), two things that have always been on my bucket list. Little did I know, these two “somewhat resolutions” would yet again mark another couple of big milestones in my life.

To be continued…


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