Riddle me this – Frozen Edition

Today, my sister had a marvelous day at school, and I had no choice but to sit my butt down to hear all about it. Apparently, today was “riddle me this” day. How awesome! She excitedly ran towards me with a list of riddles that she received from school. She proceeded to test a couple on me while telling me that mom failed to answer most of the riddles correctly.

Naive ole me thought, she would stop at a couple. I should have known better. As she’s going on and on, I found a way to get dad involved in answering the riddles as I expertly planned my escape, or so I thought. She followed me to my room and started asking a couple more which I answered. Then she kept going down the list as my patience started to wear thin.

Then as she flipped to the second page, it’s three pages by the way, she said “Oh my gosh, my favorites are coming up”. Awesome, I thought in my head, as I’m thinking she’s almost done. What does she say next, “oh not this page, it’s on the last page”. Smart little kid I thought as I laughed to myself. In the end, I did build up more excitement and was able to answer a few clever ones. Finally, we reached her favorite of them all. As soon as she exclaimed, “Yes, my favorite one now”, I knew it had to be frozen related lol.

And, what do you know, it was.

So there it is people, see if you can make my sister proud 🙂

Why can’t you give Elsa a balloon?

(While you think of the answer, enjoy our version of let it go)

Let it go, let it go
I can’t hold it anymore
Up it goes, up it goes, the balloon is flying away
I’m trying very hard
To freeze it with my power
But it’s not working
I guess we’ll just say bye to the balloon

In case you didn’t figure out the answer by now, look below.

Answer: She’ll let it go

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