Goodbye, Farewell… for now, or forever
Such a powerful and mysterious experience is death
A passage of life which is inevitable for us mortals
Marking the end of life on earth as we know it
Signifying the beginning of the afterlife as we hope it to be true
Still, who knows for sure, if we’ll ever meet again
Such cruel joke being played on us, keep us guessing
For now, here we are, united in tears, sorrow and sadness
In the meantime, goodbye and rest in peace!

Rage, loneliness, and confusion are all I feel, why did you leave me cold?
You promised to stay forever, that’s until death took you away
Now I’m left wondering, did you put up a fight to stay?
Or did you simply accept your fate and went away?
I mean, I know you had to go someday, as we all do, but why so soon?
Thinking of all the memories we shared, I can’t accept losing you
It will always hurt knowing you’re gone
I will always carry the hope that I could bring you back
If only to have you around for one more day

Finally! It’s about time you arrived, what took you so long?
I’ve had enough of this constant suffering, come to my rescue please
Suicide was never a thing of mine, but assisted help, I will accept
For years, I held nothing but fear of you
Look at me now, begging and pleading for you
A life of pain is all I’ve known
Here and there, I’ve snuck in a little laughter and happiness
I kept hope alive comparing my life in perspective of how it could be worst
But whose to judge another’s suffering without walking in their shoes

Welcome! Unlike most, with open arms I welcome you in
I can’t say I’ve been waiting for you, I would be lying
But whenever you see fit, I’m prepared to fall under your mercy
Life as we know it is full of obstacles, challenges and surprises, good and bad
The life that I’ve lived trumps any hardships I’ve had to overcome
For I’ve lived life responsibly to the fullest, fulfilling my dreams along the way
Accomplishing goals while striving for happiness and self fulfillment
After all, from birth, we live each day in preparation of death
Why not live a joyful life as best as we could, leading to a joyful death

***Special Note***
This poem would have taken a very dark and gloomy turn from start to finish. Then a conversation with a very spectacular and influential person in my life inspired me to look at death from many different perspectives. Thanks to that conversation I realized despite the many heart wrenching emotions that usually accompanies death such as sadness, anger, and hopelessness, the heart-warming emotions of joy and happiness which are rarely present can also derive from death. The life lived on earth plays a role on your perspective of death.

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