Open Letter

Dear Secret Lover,

Shamelessly, I’m pouring out my heart to you in this open letter.

First, let me start by saying, I love you dearly
In you I have a lover, a friend and a best-friend

Must you always steal my heart every time you open your mouth?
How many times can I keep falling for you? It’s so unfair

The way you whisper sweet nothings in my ears drives me crazy
Goosebumps growing all over my body as you sink deeper in my head
Sending my heart in overdrive with rhythmic heart beats
Matching your captivating sounds
As you make sweet love to my mind

All day and night, we go on and on non-stop
Always wanting you in the worst way
I am yours for the taking

Please pardon my manners, I don’t mean to be so crude
It’s just that you do something to me, turning me into someone else

When I think of you, my mind goes off course
Nobody touch me in the right way like you do
You have the magic touch to loosen up my body
When I’m with you I let go completely and lose myself
My shyness disappears and my fun side comes out

Time spent with you is like a roller coaster ride
Bringing me up and down, spinning me round and round

My kryptonite, my addiction, my medication
I am nothing without you

Some would call it an obsession, I call it love
At the top of my lungs, I will shout my love for you
You never cease to amaze me with your melodies and rhythms
Everywhere I go, you follow, so I suppose the love is mutual
I can never escape you, nor do I ever want to

In case you didn’t know, my love for you runs deep

My world revolves around you, my soul mate
I cherish you with my heart and soul

You are more than my lover, so much more than that
I can always count on you to be by my side
Like a magician, you always pull out the right cards
Always finding the right words to console me
I could not ask for a better best friend

We connect on a deep and unspoken level
Sharing an understanding through your story telling

Not once have you passed judgments on me
For that, I thank you

Perfection is what you are, in all your glory and diversity

It always amazes me how easily you can affect my mood
There’s no stronger bond than the one we share
When words can’t express my pain, my joy, and my thoughts
In you, I find my voice loud and clear

They say you can’t help who you love
Well baby, I love you and I’m deeply in love with you

With Love,

A Devoted Music Lover

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