Valentine’s Day

A box of chocolates
A bouquet of roses
A candlelit dinner
A bottle of fine wine
Are all the ways I could show you how much I love you
A romantic gesture

A barefooted walk on a sandy beach
A secluded section reserved to the lovers for the weekend
A breeze of fresh scented waves
A calming chill from the sounds of wavering palm trees
Would suffice as the best gesture to top them all
A caring gesture

Better yet,
A getaway at a five star hotel packaged with a spa massage
A personal foot rub performed by none other than myself
A suggested chef cooked exotic dish delivered by room service
A requested “do not disturb” sign as a privacy notice after delivery
Rose petals on the floor leading to the bedroom
Bathtub filled with hot water and bubble bath soap
Lights replaced by heavenly scented candles adding to the excitement
Careful not to burn down the place in more ways than one
This may be the best way to go
A loving gesture

A taxi ride to the city surrounded by flashing lights
A Broadway show and a walk at a museum
Followed by exchanges of ideas and our interpretation of each event
On our way to a formal event where we mingle alongside lovers for the night
Turns into us against the music as our flirty banter lingers on
Our bodies making love on the dance floor to Marvin Gaye and Billy Joel
Will show you how fun my love for you can be
A lively gesture

How about,
A carefree day for two like we’re teenagers
A hop on the train, then a couple of stops on a short bus ride
A few blocks of walking leading to a movie theatre
A chick flick ticket for you and one for me too
A bag of popcorn, a cup of soda and a box of candy
A straw for two, for today, extra sharing is extra caring
A hand behind the chair, head resting on shoulder
Turns into a quick pecker of the lips as the credits roll out
Quite the puppy love cliché, it’s the best way for sure
An adorable gesture

A karaoke night at an underground lounge
A love song dedicated to you, sung by me
A couple of “I love you” thrown in as a finishing touch
A limousine ride to a rented party hall
A destination so splendid, a red carpet entrance await
A host so vibrant with music to match
A drop down banner reads “I love you”, it’s all for you
A grand entrance to a surprise party just for you
Is sure to be the most special way to show my love for you
A grandiose gesture

Scratch that,
A personal touch filled with mystery and silence
A teasing couple of glances across the room
A burst of laughter at your silly dance moves
A favorite dish or two being cooked by two for two
Hundred of loving stares and smiles across the table
Send chills down our spines and butterflies in our stomachs
Intertwined fingers caressing on the table
Ill-mannered toes playing footsies under the table
Sweet whispers and hysterical laughter floating around the table
Stripping each other of it all, exposing vulnerabilities, laying them on the table
Reliving sweet memories of our times together, building each other up at the table
Knowing and suggestive looks building up tension, shaking up the table
Rising passion to the wee hours of the night, away from the table
Might actually represent my love in the purest form
A simple gesture

There is no one way or right way to express your love
Time spent together just talking or in silence is an expression of love
Time spent on a long distance phone call is an expression of love
Time spent writing a love note, letter or a card is an expression of love
Not just for one day of course

Happy Valentine’s Day

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