Our Love

The fear is strong enough to keep us asunder

The desire is strong enough to bring us closer

Our love may be tragic


The tension is thick and palpable

The passion is strong and tangible

Our love may be aesthetic


Our hearts are on the gas pedal, screaming go

Our minds are on the brake pedal, pleading no

Our love may be idiotic


I want to get lost in you and make love to your mind

Stroke and stimulate your cranium until I blow your mind

Our love may be symbolic


Torn between love and lust

Lost between cost and trust

Our love may be chaotic


Pushing each other away though we’re the same, we retract

Pulling each other in like opposites, we attract

Our love may be magnetic


The further it goes, the more we crave it

The closer it comes, the less we savor it

Our love may be toxic


With our words, we take it slow to evaluate the situation

With our actions, we make it known this must remain our imagination

Our love may be fatalistic


An unrequited love may be tragic to a non-believer

An unrequited love can be magic to a dreamer

Our love may be comedic


Mesmerize me with your eyes

And seduce me with your touch

Our love can be magic


Entice me with your mouth

And envelop me with your words

Our love can be exotic


Go wild and push me against the wall

Both hands held above my head as you bite me softly

Our love can be animalistic


Go blind and pin me down on the floor

Both hands running down your back as you kiss me deeply

Our love can be eccentric


Slow and steady can win the race

Swift and speedy may halt the pace

Our love can be romantic


Ease me down gently as you increase my desire

Tease me slowly as you ignite my fire

Our love can be erotic


I will bring you to a state of ecstasy

As I play out my fantasy

Our love can be euphoric


Our ecstatic laughter so loud, it can capture noises

Our melodramatic silence so loud, it can drown out voices

Our love can be epidemic


Damn it, I can’t stand it, I want you to be mine to flaunt

Though, I must admit, sometimes it is fun to be on the hunt

Our love can be sporadic


Protecting each other from pain

Covering each other in the rain

Our love can be altruistic


Fighting against the odds, though it was hard, we did not falter

In the end, through all the risks, it was love we conquered

Our love can be heroic



Woodlynn Sance


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